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Why is Vogue Lash Bar's Eyelash Extension Training so different from other Trainings?

We realize once you take a 2-4 day workshop for eyelash extension training you are not exactly ready to conquer the lash world. It takes many more hours of technique and practice to master lash extnsions. We provide 2-4 more days of additioal training after you are certified with us. We also offer an apprentice program and some job placement for promisng students which will get you the real experience you need to make  a nice living as a lash artist in this fast growing and exciting field.



Our Lash Trainers have been in the industry for years with all of the top tricks and tips that make the lash extension adhesion process quicker and still leaves long lasting beautiful lashes. We have perfected the art of Classic Eyelash Extensions and Volume Lashing as well. 


Eyelash Extensions can only be applied by a licensed beauty professional.


We all know that focused high level quality training is the main ingredient in providing exceptional work for your clients!




The eyelash extensions training is an intense 11 hour course that will educate you on all the important aspects of applying eyelash extensions properly. This is going to be an extremely "Hands ON" training. Two instructors will conduct the training course with a small group of 3- 5 students to ensure that you receive our full and undivided attention and the highest quality training provided today. We strongly recommend the training!


Your time is valuable!! We know it. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel by “Trial and Error.” VOGUE LASH BAR training gives you everything that you need to satisfy your clients from day one.




In the morning, the following topics are covered in the VOGUE LASH BAR Eyelash Extension Training:


Vogue Eyelash Extension


Procedure and technique

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for Profit

Marketing your new business

Client Safety

Consent Form

Adhesive and chemicals you will be working with the entire afternoon is dedicated to practicing the VOGUELASHBAR Eyelash Extension procedure. Paired up with other professionals in your class, you will apply the extensions supervised by your training specialists and critiqued on your technique.


Our main goal in the training session is to add value to your business, by properly training you as a Vogue Lash Bar eyelash extension specialist.


Everything you need to know about applying the lashes correctly, our step by step process, and time saving tips will be covered in the training session. Bring on the questions!! We’re ready for them.



Certification of Advanced Training


Upon completion of our eyelash extension training course you will be awarded certification of advanced training from VOGUE LASH BAR.


An attractive certificate will be awarded to you-to display at your place of business.


Certification in your field of expertise will always add value to your business.


After completing the VOGUE Eyelash Extensions Training Course you will be eligible be listed as a Certified Lash specialist on our website.


Our certification program is the best in the business. We've experienced every challenge a Professional Eyelash specialist may encounter.


Whether you are just starting your eyelash extension business, or looking to perfect it, the Vogue Lash Bar Certification program will help you take your business to a new level.


Breakfast and coffee or lunch will be provided at all training classes.


The Level II class is a follow up class available for students one month after completing the Level I class. Most companies provide a back-to-back two day training programs with no follow up classes. Since students are not provided with sufficient time to practice the techniques and skills they have learned, back-to-back training programs are not as effective. Vogue Lash Bar Level II class is developed to add additional time to work on technique, touch ups, and other challenges that may arise within the practicing time.


The Level II class is a comprehensive and an all hands-on training geared to each individual’s needs and challenges. The following is a class description:


• Designed for any Eyelash Specialist to attend with a Level I certificate

• Examine important Vogue Lash Bar eyelash extension information

• Practice advanced techniques and allow each trainee to have sufficient time to address specific issues or concerns with their approach


“This is the appropriate class for professionals that want to expand their business, work through application and touch problems, and learn advanced techniques.


Our kits are top of the line.. We offer the best glue in the industry as well as eyelashes that are mink faux with many different sizes.. Most other places throw a generic kit together and charge an outrageous price. We want all our students to leave having been taught not just the best technique but also not blindly knowing how to get there hands on the best product to start their business..


Classes are based on a 5 student per class sign-up so you can get the hand on training and attention to detail that you need..


Start your lash business for as low as $1895... kit not included.

Call Vogue Lash Bar to reserve your spot.. 1-818-478-2002